Books and Movies

For training hours – you can use up to TWO books and/or movies per fiscal year towards your required hours.

To use these books/movies towards your training hours, you must read/watch your selection and write a two to three paragraph summary in the notes section of your training log in Optima.

For books you will get ONE hour of training for every 100 pages of the book, plus 15 minutes for writing the summary.

For movies – it will depend on the movie – for example, there is a half hour documentary, that included with the description, would be an hour. The most time for any movie will be 3 hours (including the description).

Additionally, if you find an article that you have read or want to read – you can earn a half hour of training credit – Please write a brief description of the article in the notes section. You can read up to 4 articles a year for credit.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Director of Training.

Books appropriate for our youth to read


Additional books from Rutgers University – Rutgers Book List