Our Peer Coaches

CASA Peer Coaches, Staff and volunteers gather together to exchange ideas.

CASA for Children of Mercer and Burlington Counties has adopted the Peer Coordinator Organizational Model. This program model uses seasoned volunteers to support, coach, and supervise advocate volunteers and is supported by the National CASA Association. The purpose of the new system is:

  • To create a fluid system of coaching and support for advocates
  • To strengthen everyone’s connections to the program
  • To expand the shared knowledge base
  • To build solid relationships between all staff and advocates
  • To provide a CASA advocate for every child in care

The goal of the peer coordinator model is to serve exponentially more children without having to equally increase staff and budget; it is about working smarter, not harder, and increasing retention by building stronger relationships between all organization members.

Burlington Peer Coaches
Marlise Bickel
Audrey Camel
Alex Chandler
Carole Kraemer
Terry O’Neal
Holly Pearson
Bessie Sanders

Mercer Peer Coaches
Sandy Cohen
Behroze (Bella) Jaikaria
Debra Marinsky
Carole Moore
Ken Ritchey
Wendy Simpson
Al Varga