DCP&P Worker: Lisa Kelly

DCP&P Worker-Lisa Kelly


Setting: DCP&P office


Hi. Welcome to our office. It’s not much, but it works for us. We’re usually out in the field anyways. It’s a luxury to have a day in the office!

I’ve been working for DCP&P for about eight months now. I got my MSW at University of State School of Social Work. Now I’m “livin’ the dream” so to speak.


I’ve visited the child’s home and spoke with her grandmother and aunt. Both women adamantly insist that they will not ban Lavender’s mom, Susan, from their home. They were relatively guarded and uncommunicative. As no protection plan was agreed on, the child will remain in foster care. There was something strange about the home, a smell or a look that made me take notice, but I haven’t figured it out yet. It wasn’t pot. But it wasn’t a smell I’ve smelled before. Perhaps it was nothing. But perhaps it was something.


I’ve attempted to locate the mother by leaving messages at her home and also calling her employer, so far with no response. The mother did not show up in court for the preliminary hearing.


The child’s father is in jail—he’s a couple of counties over. It’s a bit of a haul in case you were planning to go visit him. If you do plan to go over there, you’ll need to call in advance and make sure your name is on the visitor’s list. He was busted for selling marijuana. According to everyone’s report, he has not been very involved with this child.


Lavender was lucky to be placed with Bonnie Matthews instead of going into an emergency placement first. She should be able to stay with Ms. Matthews indefinitely. It’s a really good foster home.


I’ve been by to see Lavender a couple times already, once to bring her some clothes and things from home. The child is clearly upset and freaked out to be staying with a stranger. I feel so sorry for her, but I haven’t even been able to locate her mother, much less to start working with her, so I guess Lavender will be there for a while.


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