Lavender Case Study

Lavender Case Study Materials

Case File
Last name of case Lavender
Case Number 234567
Child(ren’s) Name DOB Age Ethnicity Sex Current Placement Location
Lavender Bass 10/8 6 Unknown F Resource Home – Bonnie Matthews


Current Caregivers Address Phone


Resource Parent:

Bonnie Matthews

52 Greylock Road 555-5844


Attorneys for:


Attorneys Phone
Susan Mailer – mother Sara Johnson 555-6498
John Bass – father Fred Thompson 555-6644
DCP&P George Jetson 555-6298
Lavender Bass Jill Jones 555-6752


DCP&P Caseworker: Lisa Kelly

Case History:

Three weeks ago:

The child, Lavender Bass, age 6, came into care following a complaint made by her paternal grandmother. On her tip, the DCP&P investigator located the moterh and child behid the bar where the mother is employed. The mother, Susan Mailer, was passed out drunk, sleeping in her parked car. Lavender was sitting in the shade of a nearby tree waiting for her mom to wake up and take her home The police were call and Ms. Mailer was arrested for public drunkenness.

Ms. Mailer and Lavender reside with Ms. Mailer’s mother, Rebecca Mailer; her sister, Leah Mailer; and Leah’s children. Because no one in the home was available the day of the arrest, Lavender was placed in the resource home of Bonnie Matthews.

The DCP&P investigator found that Susan Mailer’s criminal record reflected a tendency toward violence; she’d been in a couple of physical fights in the bar where she’s employed. She’s also been arrested for dealing marijuana and was once caught huffing inhalants when police busted a party.