Lavender Case

Lavender Case Study

Lavender Case Study

Questioner’s List

Questions to consider periodically:

  • Where else could we get information that would be useful?
  • What are the barriers to reunification?
  • Have we checked all relatives?


Questions to consider before finalizing court recommendations:

  • Are our court recommendations child focused?
  • Have we covered every need of the child(ren) in this case?
  • Did we appropriately consider the minimum sufficient level of care (MSL) standard in forming our recommendations for this case?
  • Do our recommendations ask for what is appropriate, whether or not it is readily available?
  • Is our work clear, diplomatic and non-judgmental?



Attorney for the Program and Volunteer Supervisor

Child & Resource Mother: Lavender Bass & Bonnie Matthews

DCP&P Worker: Lisa Kelly

Father: John Bass

Maternal Aunt & Grandmother: Leah Mailer & Rebecca Mailer – 1st contact

Maternal Aunt & Grandmother: Leah Mailer & Rebecca Mailer – 2nd Contact

Mother: Susan Mailer