Interval Training

On this page you will find the required pre-chapter activities for each chapter of Interval Training, along with a PDF version of the Volunteer Manual and a PDF version of the Volunteer Curriculum with links to additional activities.

You can contact the Training team anytime by emailing


Helpful Information for Online Training

  • Please log in to class on time. If you are late, it is your responsibility to communicate with the trainers and secure any information you may have missed.
  • We will take a break during class, but please feel free to step away briefly if you need to.
  • While there will be times we will have you on Mute, please try to participate in a quiet place for those times you are unmuted.
  • Even though you are not in a classroom, it’s vital that you focus on the trainers, content, and your fellow trainees. Avoid your cell phone or other distractions.
  • We highly recommend checking your casamercer email on a regular basis to ensure you receive any important information during your time in training (and afterward), and so you receive your Zoom invitation for each training class.
  • During this time, court hearings are being held virtually. The court observation requirement must be complete before swearing in or on the day of your swearing in.

Volunteer Manual – this is the Manual we will be utilizing for the training. It has all of the activities we will be doing during class, plus some others we will not be doing. You will want to download and save this to your computer.

Complete Volunteer Manual

The following is the Volunteer curriculum with quick links.

You will be using this for the Pre-work that is required. It opens as a PDF, but there are links in there to videos you will need to watch prior to each class they correspond to. Additionally, all of the Pre-Chapter handouts are there. They are also below.

Volunteer Guide with links

Pre-Chapter Handouts and Activities – Pre Chapter work MUST be completed prior to that day of class.

Chapter 1 pre-work

Local CASA Information/Acronyms

Chapter 2 pre-work

Chapter 3 pre-work

Chapter 4 pre-work

Chapter 5 pre-work

Chapter 6 pre-work

Chapter 7 pre-work

Chapter 8 pre-work

Redd Case Study

The Redd Case Study Interviews

Redd Court Report Template

“In-person” training

Day 1:

Introductions and Expectations

Components of the Volunteers Role and Developing Competencies

Parameters of the Volunteer Relationship

Child Welfare Laws

Child Welfare System

Court Reports

Day 2:

How Children Develop

Children’s Needs and Attachment

Minimum Sufficient Level of Care and Best Interest Principle

Child Abuse and Neglect

Family Strengths and Weaknesses

Day 3:

Childhood Trauma




Day 4:

Mental Health




Day 5:

Substance Abuse



Day 6:

Domestic Violence

Cultural Competency

Day 7:

Aging Out

Educational Advocacy

Advocating for Older Youth

Advocating for LGBTQ Youth

Day 8:

The Redd Case