Greene Case Study

Greene Case Study Materials

Case File
Last name of case Greene
Case Number 12345678
Child(ren’s) Name DOB Age Ethnicity Sex Current Placement Location
Marky Greene 2/15 8 Caucasian M Home of bio. Mother and father


Current Caregivers Address Phone


Mother: Judy Greene


Father: Roy Greene

4810 Old Mill Road 555-5454


Attorneys for:


Attorneys Phone
Judy Greene Darlene Wright 555-6000
Roy Greene Walt Harris 555-6100
DCP&P Robin Jackson 555-6200
Marky Greene John Smith 555-6300


DCP&P Caseworker: Ryan Headon

Case History:

Two weeks ago:

A call was made to the DCP&P hotline by the school teacher and school nurse at Parkside Elementary. The callers stated that one of their students, Marky Greene, often comes to school with poor hygiene, that much of his clothing is not his size, and that he’s just come in with his third case of head lice in three months. This DCP&P caseworker interviewed the child’s parents, Judy and Roy Greene. The family is Caucasian; the parents are in their late twenties. Per medical records, the mother was diagnosed with bipolar disorder as a senior in high school. The Greene family moved here from a few states away. They have no extended family living nearby. The caseworker found conditions in the home deplorable but not dangerous. DCP&P decided to file a petition for neglect but to allow the child to remain at home for the time being. Adjudication and disposition hearings were held the same day. Both parents attended. It was determined that the child’s placement will continue in their home until the 3-month review hearing. Parents were ordered to cooperate with the DCP&P treatment plan. Judge admonished them to work hard and pointed out that Marky was still under court’s jurisdiction. He ordered DCP&P to not hesitate to take physical custody, should conditions in the home or family deteriorate.

Court-Ordered Services

For the Child:

Educational needs met as appropriate

For the Father:

Psychological evaluation and counseling (if recommended)

For the Mother:

Psychological evaluation and treatment/counseling (if recommended)


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