DCP&P Caseworker: Ryan Headon – 2nd interview

CPS Caseworker Ryan Headon: Second Contact

Ryan says he has been out to see the Greene’s. He asked them about drug use and drinking, and they denied both. So far, he has no reason to think they’re not being truthful about this.

Ryan asked the family about extended family support. Roy told him his only family is a brother, “living far away from here. We don’t stay in touch.” Ryan asked Judy where her mother lived and Judy said, “She’s dead!” But he’s been in touch with CPS where the Greene’s used to live and Judy’s mother is not dead—she still lives in their hometown and has a long history with CPS.

She also has mental health issues and had five children, all grown now. Some of them were in out-of-home placements some of the time, including Judy, who reported that her foster father tried to have sex with her when she was 14.

She married Roy right after she turned 16, with her mother’s permission. Roy was 26 at the time, and although he was also a high school dropout, he was a steady worker, always employed doing labor of some kind.

Judy and Roy also have history with that state’s CPS. They had a child five years ago, who came into care for neglect when she was 8 months old. The Greene’s were facing possible eviction for non-payment of rent. They were not cooperative with CPS. When the CPS worker explained to them that CPS might end up having to terminate rights for this baby—and explained what that meant—Judy got mad, swung, and punched her on the arm. The CPS worker wasn’t badly hurt and CPS decided not to press charges, but the next time the Greene’s were supposed to visit with their baby they didn’t show up. CPS never heard from them again. They terminated their parental rights and the baby’s been adopted long since.

Ryan asked why they took the baby and left Marky in the home and CPS said that Marky wasn’t being neglected at the time. He looked perfectly healthy.

Ryan asked if drugs or alcohol were an issue in this family, and they said not so far as they knew.

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