Child: Marky Greene – 2nd interview

Marky Greene: Second Contact

 You decide to see Marky again before writing your court report. Some things just aren’t adding up and you want to see what he’ll say about them.

Usually you wouldn’t expect an 8-year-old to be that helpful, but this kid is so observant and mature for his age that you feel it’s a good idea to ask. He tells you that:

School is still going fine. He really likes his mentor. “Coach is—that’s what I call him—I mean, Mr. Smith’s a great soccer coach! And he’s really fun too. He’s so smart!”

He’s worried about the new puppy because he’s not sure his parents really know how to take care of a dog. “We had a gerbil once and it died.”

He doesn’t remember having a sister.

His dad goes to work every day—always has. His family has always moved houses a lot.

His dad likes to go to the corner bar and play the poker machine. “I tell him not to do it, but he doesn’t listen to me. Sometimes he loses all the money we have.”

Yes, his mom can have a temper, “But she doesn’t mean anything by it.” And, no, she doesn’t hit him, “Well, not very hard.”

“Is this going to get my parents in trouble?”


• How will you answer his final question?