Child: Marky Greene – 1st interview

Setting: Parkside Elementary School

CASA Notes: The child appeared clean and appropriately dressed.

Hi. My teacher told me someone wanted to talk to me. Yes, I like school.

I don’t like when kids make fun of me.

They call me “weirdo” sometimes. And push me in the hallway. I like math.

I don’t like reading time. I go to a different room during reading time and work with Ms. Thomas. Matthew and Paul say I have to go to the dummies’ room.

My parents are nice to me. My dad’s not around a lot. Sometimes Mom likes to play games with me, and we stay up late and have fun. But other times she doesn’t feel well and spends all her time in bed. Then I make up games to play by myself. Or I try to make food for my mom.

• What are your impressions of Marky’s relationship with his parents?

 • Who do you want to talk to now?