Maternal Aunt: Consuela Amarillo

Maternal Aunt – Consuela Amarillo


Setting: Phone Call (Long-Distance to El Salvador)


Hello. Yes, of course I speak English. I’ve studied it since I was a school girl, but I also work in the local office of an international aid agency based in the United States. I travel there from time to time for work. And I see family when I’m there. I see Maria, Juana and Graciela once every eighteen months or so. I haven’t seen them in about two years. Graciela was so tiny last time I saw her!


I’m actually a “double aunt” because Myrian is my sister and we married brothers. Unlike my brother-in-law, my husband was a good man and a good provider. He died about five years ago.


I would love for Maria to come back here and live with me. I have three daughters of my own and I could really use the help. But beyond that, I know there are some questions about her residency status. I’d hate for her to end up getting deported. I’ve heard stories from friends about that and it doesn’t sound like a good situation. I’d actually love for all the girls to come back here. Family is important. But I understand the allure of staying in North America.


I really wish Myrian would leave Jose. His drinking has always been such a problem. We’ve talked. She won’t leave him.


Myrian and Jose both do the same farm labor that Pedro Valdez does. They see each other regularly, but they’re not allowed to visit the house if Maria’s there.


Maria’s not supposed to be visiting with her parents since the TPR, but I know they do see each other. Especially if Maria goes to church with the Valdez family.


Do you think you might be able to help me bring Maria back home?

  • How will you answer her final question?
  • What do you know about domestic violence that might explain why Myrian doesn’t leave Jose?
  • Is Consuela’s expectation that Maria would help with her children appropriate? Why or why not?