Child: Maria Amarillo – 2nd contact

Maria Amarillo – Second Contact


Setting: Valdez Home


Thanks for meeting me here. ARGH! I can’t stand Ms. Gillis. That DCP&P worker just doesn’t seem like she likes me. Or maybe she doesn’t like her job. People like that shouldn’t have jobs like that. She never listens to me. I’m 16. Doesn’t my opinion matter? I miss the last social worker.


School is going fine. My grades are fine. I like some of my teachers. Others I could do without. Again, some of those people shouldn’t have those jobs if they don’t like teaching. I like my guidance counselor, Miss Mansfield. She seems like she has my back when I tell her things.


I’ve been thinking about what I could do after high school. I’ve been thinking of the Army or Navy actually. I’d get to see some of the world. And I’ve heard that they help you get your papers in order. Plus I’d be able to earn money to help my family and my sisters out.


Is the birth control thing any of your business? Yes, I’m taking pills. But it’s not what you think. I’ve had a lot of problems with my period and my doctor said these would help. But they make me break out. And I feel fatter. I might see if I can stop taking them.


Yeah, I see mom and dad in church sometimes. Yes, I see them here sometimes, too. But that’s between you, me and the wall. Please don’t tell anyone about that. Especially not Ms. Gillis.


I don’t think my Aunt Consuela really needs my help in El Salvador. But my sisters have been asking about her. The Becker’s don’t let us make international calls. I need a phone card, I guess.


Would you be able to buy one? It’s kind of a weird thing to ask, but I don’t have any extra cash right now.


  • Will you buy Maria a phone card? Why or why not?


  • Will you “tell on her” for talking to her parents? How do you answer her on that issue?