Case Study

Amarillo Case Study Materials


DCP&P Case File
Last Name of Case Amarillo
Spirit Number 12345678
Child(ren’s) name DOB Age Ethnicity Sex Current Location
Maria Amarillo 2/20 16 Hispanic F Foster Home:

Stanley & Karen Becker

Juana Amarillo 9/1 6 Hispanic F Same
Graciela 8/19 4 Hispanic F Same


Current Placement Address Phone
Stanley & Karen Becker 406 N. Dale Street 555-1345


Mother Jody Franken 555-9894
Father Mary Holzer 555-1337
DAG Jordan Myers 555-7344
Law Guardian Fred Flintstone 555-8347


Case History


July 3 (three years ago): Neighbor called police as a result of “loud shouting” in the home of Jose and Myrian Amarillo. Police found three children on the scene

(Maria, age 13; Juana, age 3; Graciela, age 1) and removed the children from the home based upon evidence at the scene including parents too inebriated to provide a safe home for their children and mother’s bruises and bleeding as a result of a fight between her and her husband. DCP&P was notified and the children were placed together in emergency foster care.


July 6 (three years ago): Following an emergency shelter care hearing, the Amarillo children were placed in three separate placements. Juana and Graciela were each placed in separate foster homes, and Maria was placed in a group home for girls. The Amarillo parents and Maria are all undocumented citizens. The youngest siblings were born in the United States and have full citizenship.


September 17 (three years ago): Following a dispositional hearing, parents were ordered to receive drug/alcohol screening, attend a substance abuse treatment program and provide random urine analysis. Mr. Amarillo was ordered to attend domestic violence program. Mrs. Amarillo was ordered to attend domestic violence survivors program. Juana was placed in the same foster home placement as Graciela. Maria remained in group home placement.


November 20 (three years ago): Group home of Maria Amarillo reported Maria ran away on 11/9. Maria has not been in contact with group home or social worker. Parents have reported that they received several calls from Maria but would not disclose her location.


November 27 (three years ago): Maria returned to the group home but was expelled for violating group home policies. Maria was placed in a short-term foster home.


January 8 (two years ago): Following a review hearing, it was ruled that parents have made no progress toward completing court-ordered services. Children will remain in out-of-home placement. A maternal aunt in El Salvador has come forward as a potential placement for the two younger siblings. Maria has been moved from a short-term foster home to a long-term placement.


March 6 (two years ago): Maria called social worker to complain of verbal and physical abuse by foster family. Social worker visited foster home the same evening and interviewed the foster parents and children in the home. Maria was unavailable to talk (drama practice at school). Social worker found no evidence of physical abuse.


March 13 (two years ago): Foster family of Maria Amarillo reported that she did not return home after school.


March 17 (two years ago): County General Hospital called DCP&P to report Maria Amarillo had been admitted after a 911 call from the home of a friend. Maria was admitted following a severe asthma attack. Social worker visited hospital and found that Maria had been staying with maternal relatives, Pedro and Anna Valdez. Maria has inquired as to the feasibility of placement with the Valdez family.


March 29 (two years ago): Foster family of Maria Amarillo has asked for her to be removed from their home after a second episode of running away.


April 4 (two years ago): Foster family of Juana and Graciela Amarillo have asked for a new foster placement because they are expecting a baby of their own.


May 3 (two years ago): Following a review hearing, Juana and Graciela Amarillo have been placed in a new foster setting. Foster family has acknowledged a willingness to serve as a placement for Maria Amarillo. Maria Amarillo has been transitioned from her previous foster placement into a transitional housing center for teenage girls. Parents were ruled to be out of compliance with court- ordered services. The department has filed a petition to terminate parental rights.


July 17 (two years ago): The department studied the feasibility of placement with kinship relatives, the Valdez family, and it was determined this would not be an appropriate placement due to their immigration status (undocumented), the number of people currently residing in their home and their reported level of income.


August 9 (two years ago): Parental rights were terminated.

September 26 (two years ago): Maria Amarillo was placed in the same foster home as her younger siblings.


Today: CASA volunteer assigned to this case.



Interested Parties   Date Assigned
Current CASA You  
Initial DCP&P caseworker Gerri Grady 7/3 (three years ago)
Previous DCP&P caseworker Danielle Mancuso 9/19 (three years ago)
Current DCP&P caseworker Alberta Gillis Last month


 Court-Ordered Services:


For the Child: (Maria):

Medical health needs reviewed per physician’s orders due to issues with asthma Educational needs to be met as appropriate


For the Child (Juana):

Educational needs to be met as appropriate


For the Child (Graciela):

Age-appropriate childcare to ensure educational needs are met


For the Father:

Rights have been terminated


For the Mother:

Rights have been terminated